Hosting Reseller For Sale

Become a Domain and Hosting Reseller

The window of opportunity to build a successful Domain and Hosting business is wide open. More and businesses, organizations, and people are registering they domain names and creating their own web site daily. Add to that more and more domain names are coming up for renewal, and people are sick of the poor service and high cost from the original “Old School” registrars. They’re charging as much as 4 times the price they could be paying — betting on people their customers will just do it. Many do, but more and more are transferring to a registrar offering a better price. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to jump in and take advantage of these prospective customers.

Old Hippie Domains is authorized to sign up resellers of Go Daddy products in the reseller’s own name. Go Daddy’s reseller group provides the back office (servers, billing, support, credit card processing, renewals, reports, …) to the reseller, in the name of the reseller. The reseller’s customers only know of the reseller — and not Go Daddy actually handling the entire back office. The majority of resellers you see advertising Domain Registration, transfers, and web hosting are doing so under this arrangement. The only thing the reseller really needs to do is to create a web site with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to do as little or as much marketing as they wish.

The most profitable of the Old Hippie Domains resellers is Southern Star Hosting. It became a reseller about 5 years ago, and its current marketing strategy is limited to banners on web sites — although it will be greatly expanding on that in the coming weeks. You can visit them (and I suggest you do if you are interested in becoming a reseller) at a to get an idea of what a professional reseller site through Old Hippie Domains looks like, the product pricing that they use, and the products they offer.

While is it not that difficult to become an Old Hippie Domains reseller, and set up your web site on your own – many potential resellers have indicated that they would prefer a turn key business set up for them including all of the web work. Then all that they need concern themselves with is to market the products and sit back to collect the commissions. Reseller’s out of pocket expenses are limited to an annual licensing fee (which is less than $100 for a Standard resellers, and less than $200 for Pro resellers), cost of their web site (free if you do it yourself), and what you want to spend on Marketing.

The major difference between Pro and Standard is the buy rates of the products.

What you spend in marketing is up to you. Some are good with the traffic the search engines bring them. Others might use Google Adsense or some other linking banner advertisement, while others have big budgets for TV and radio advertising. Many start small and reinvest profits to grow — yet some others come into it with an initially big advertising budget. As a reseller, one of the benefits is a 185 page book written by a very successful reseller. In it he outlines various strategies and it is in the reseller’s best interest to read the book. Likewise the reseller sets his own pricing of products by individual product. He can go with the strategy of the bare minimum and go for volume of renewing customers, go with the suggested (which is what Southern Star Hosting does) pricing, or set the pricing to the maximum and have fewer customers but higher margin. Again, the reseller’s book discusses these various strategies and it is left to the reseller.

How successful a person is in the Reseller’s business is directly related to their effort. The most profitable, put in the most effort.

For those entrepreneurs interested in becoming a Domain/Hosting reseller but want someone who understands the business to give them a head start with a good web site, the below have been set up and are for sale. As they are sold, other catchy reseller domain names are registered and web sites developed to replace the sold business.

There are two parts to a reseller’s web site. The first is the front site that both catches the interest of the prospective customer — yet has better SEO to bring more visitors to your site. The second part is the back end site — which gives the product detail and signs your customers up for the products you sell. One big mistake that most of the less experienced resellers make is to only have the back end site (because it is easiest to setup and hosted on Go Daddy servers) but not the front end site. This is one of the many secrets the book gives those who take the time (too few) to read it. We’ve created our front end sites from highly modified Word Press templates, which we put together for our own use. There are many benefits from the this, but the two most important is SEO, and ease of use. The first is because we’ve installed an addon that routinely creates the exact type of site map that the major search engines look for — then notifies them to come crawl the site. In time this (and other tricks learned from the book) causes your site to receive higher and higher display ratings for the same key words. The second is that Word Press is incredibly stabile and easy to use. When there are updates — one-click gets them installed for you. If you can post to Facebook — then you can maintain a Word Press web site.

Currently the above resellers sites are completely operational and garnering points with the search engines. However, the products they sell are using Southern Star Hosting’s back end site, and Southern Star Hosting is receiving the sales/Commissions. When someone buys the reseller site and executes a reseller agreement, they will have us assemble their back end site and change the links to theirs. We will also relinquish the ownership of the domain name to them via a transfer.

We only want $2000 for the domain name we registered and the web site we created for the above reseller businesses. You might be asking yourself why we’re doing this so cheap? The answer is that Old Hippie Domains has a vested interest in your success. Frankly (and few others who sign up resellers will admit to this — but we all do) Old Hippie Domains makes a very small commission on every product you as a reseller sell. This doesn’t affect your commissions at all as it is paid to us directly, and the amount is so small that we need a lot of resellers with a lot of sales to be substantial enough to brag about. However, it is enough for us to want to see our sellers to become successful, and these prepackaged reseller businesses are part of our strategy to make our resellers more successful than other resellers.

You have two other options with Old Hippie’s Domains to become a reseller.

  • Save the $2000 and become a reseller for as little as $79. Read the book and do the work putting together a professional web site with good SEO yourself. That’s what Southern Star Hosting did, and it worked for them.

  • Register a domain name you prefer from the ones we offered above — and we create your site with the same function as the above with your registered domain name and the “Look and Feel” you wish.

If you are ready to start your own domain/hosting reseller business — email me your questions and concerns.

Advertising Special. For a limited time, buyers of the above reseller businesses will receive one year’s worth of rotating advertising banners linking to their site on their choice of a web site selected from the 23 DDS Enterprises, Inc. offers banners on.

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